Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ireland Downgraded; Would McCain have been Better?

The inevitable has happened. Fitch has downgraded Ireland to A+.

"Typically a negative outlook implies a slightly greater than 50% probability of a further downgrade over a 12-24 month horizon," Fitch said.

Read about here.

Meanwhile, the Europeans continue to protest austerity measures being implemented across the continent. It's like I've always said, "The Americans have the guns, but the Europeans have the guts." Unfortunately, I can't name one nation that has both.

Responding to SHTF Plan blog entitled "Would President John McCain Have Been Any Different?"

If John McCain was elected President in 2008, where would will be? probably in the same place that we are now. Like Obama, Republican John McCain supported the banker bailouts and the warmongering on Capitol Hill. John McCain may have been less hawkish on Pakistan and more aggressive in dealing with Iran. Israel would have been much happier with McCain. The bankers may have not cared, because they control them both.

So would McCain have been any better?

Well, the gridlock in Washington would have limited his ability to damage the nation, so in that sense, perhaps he would have been a better pick. On the other hand, McCain may have already started World War 3, so who knows. It really doesn't matter if the president is a republican or a democrat, the system in which he or she operates makes it almost impossible to have any real change. These people are selected before they are elected.


  1. First, it does matter if the president is democrat or repulican. With a democratic president congress turns repulican, with a republican president congress turns democratic. This results in effects at the state and local levels as well.

    Second, I do not believe John McCain would have started WW3. I find McCain to be a more experienced candidate at this time. McCain for president in 2012, no, we just made a joke of him and Palin when we put Obama in office. "We" the people made the decision this time. Though I'm still trying to figure out how George W. got there the first time let alone the second time.

    Third, if you're looking for a person to do the job I still go with Hillary. She was screwed for the deomocratic ticket when key supporters backed Obama at the last minute after pledging their allegience to her.

    Fourth, you need to provide more info on this Ireland situation. I have no idea what you are talking about or where you are comming from. If you got the time give me the reason.

  2. You look up to Hillary Clinton?