Saturday, October 30, 2010

2010 Election Preview and Predictions

DEMCAD (Reginald Kaigler)


First, these elections will change nothing. And this article is more about entertainment than politics. The Republican and Democratic Party are two wings on the same bird.

Anyway, Real Clear Politics is reporting "Seats Continue to Move to GOP; Avg Gain 65, Tossup Range 45-85." And judging by the number of surging Republican candidates in both the House and Senate, I think we're going to have a GOP gain of at least 60 seats in the House and 8 in the Senate. Actually, I'm starting to think that the Republicans can get 9 or 10 seats in the Senate. I think we'll see a 50-50 Senate. Joe Biden will be the tie breaker. Don't forget, I'll be tweeting on election night. Follow me on Twitter.

So what's going to happen after the elections?
The GOP will engage in grandstanding, but fail to reverse Obamacare. They would need 60 votes in the Senate to get anything done. And the GOP is more likely to stall until they get more votes in 2012 and retake the White House. They are not going to risk pissing people off by cutting entitlements, cutting the spending, ending the corporate-driven wars or defaulting on the debt. But the good news is that Obama's ability to harm the nation will be limited.

I see CO, IL, NV and PA will going red.

WA and CA will stay blue.

WV Senate is all over the place. Democratic Governor Joe Manchin is in danger of losing in WV, but his popularity makes me believe that he'll prevail. However, this state did support McCain by a healthy margin.

NEVADA (Sharron Angle v. Harry Reid)
Angle is pulling ahead of Reid. He's far too unpopular to be re-elected to anything. Plus, McCain will have Angle win more Independents. History will be made and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will lose his seat.


Newsweek produced an amusing article entitled, "These Moneywomen Might Have Too Much Baggage: Why aren’t voters warming to these three self-financed candidates?" Of course, this article is referring to Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman and Linda McMahon. All of which are running for the U.S. Senate (or Governor) with an enormous amount of personal funds to drive their campaigns. Meg Whitman, former eBay CEO and executive for The Walt Disney Company, is trailing her Democratic opponent. Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP and executive at AT&T, is trailing. McMahon, former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, is down by double digits. Whitman has sent 141 million dollars of her own money trying to become the Governor of California.

So why are they struggling? Simply put, they're not very good candidates. Let's start with Meg Whitman. She was busted hiring an illegal immigrant for housekeeping. Whitman isn't particularly likable or appealing.

Carly Fiorina isn't running a very good campaign. Boxer has done a fabulous (yes, I'm using that word) job of portraying Fiorina as incompetent and anti-working class.

Keep in mind that both of these candidates are running in liberal California. So the deck is stacked against them. They needed to distinguish themselves as credible and able to implement a meaningful economic plan. And so far, they have failed. McMahon never had a prayer in CT. It's more blue than a Michigan teacher's Union.

All three women lacked the appeal that would draw voters in (Sarah Palin definitely has this), the type of personality that would allow them to make a connection with the voters and a coherent campaign and a clear economic plan. Whitman has the best chance to win, but I predict that all three with lose.


The Tea Party will do better than most analysts expected. However, half of the members are just using the label to win their races and the other half will be marginalized in Washington. Yeah, I know. I'm a cynical bastard.

Christine O'Donnell however is very likable, but her credibility has been damaged by a number of incidents in her past. The polls show her closing, but in a blue state like Delaware, GOP candidates must do better than her campaign.

What are your predictions?


  1. That was a very good analysis. Yeah Fiorina doesn't seem to be running that great of a campaign. She is all over the place. She supports amnesty, yet she goes to tea parties. She pretends she is pro life, yet she denies she would make criminals out of women having abortions. She outsources jobs as CEO yet pretends to be change.

    And yeah Conneticut is extremely liberal. Even the republicans voted for liberal lieberman in 2006. Schiff should forget about ever running for senate in that state.

  2. Like I said, A lot of these Republicans are trying to use the Tea parties just to get elected.

    I think the outsourcing was one of the biggest problems for Fiorina. I don't know why anyone should vote for her. What is she about?

  3. My prediction mirrors yours for the most part. I suspect Sen. Patty Murray (WA)will hold her seat, but just barely. It could come down to a recount and no matter what the outcome really is, there will be enough votes "found" in Seattle (just like the Governor's race) to push her over the top during the recount.

    I think Fiorina got a bit of a bad rap for the overseas job thing. There was absolutely no choice in the matter if her company was going to survive let alone be competitive. Had she not she would have been known as the Woman that killed HP and the jobs would have been lost anyway.

    Assuming the GOP does take the House I expect they better accomplish something, at least offer an alternative or President Obama have ammo for the next election.

    In the next two years revenue shortfalls will really begin to show, at least at the state level, and those accustom to nanny state entitlements could bring the democrats back into favor in 2012. I think even the republicans will try to postpone the inevitable correction looming in our future.

  4. I actually voted for fiorina, but I barely did. The ONLY reason why I did was because Boxer is one of the worst people in the senate. So the hatred is so high I decided the vote was worth it. LOL

  5. yes the whole game is rigged, the guy who predicted the last election ttp:// had it right, and has intresting things to say on the elections this year.