Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ron Paul Warns of Soviet Style Collapse of America

Ron Paul went on Fox News to warn people about a potential revolution in America. He's given up on using the system to reverse the reckless laws that have been recently created. He also doubts that the Republicans will change much in Washington if the GOP wins big in November. The most stunning prediction was hes declaration of a Soviet Union-style Collapse. Ron paul explained,

"We're going to give up the empire. The Soviets literally gave up their empire. And we will -- for financial reasons. We won't be allowed to have a presence in the Middle East. We won't be capable of paying for the troops in Japan."

Will Americans heed his warnings?

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  1. good vid Demcad... and no, Americans will not heed his warnings because half of us (or more) think Ron Paul and those who stand by his arguments are kooks.

    The system, if it is truly unsustainable, will naturally rebalance itself - unfortunately through lots of pain and anguish for the man on the street.