Friday, October 8, 2010

Unemployment, Jimmy Rogers & Vice President 2012

The government’s broader measurement of unemployment (U6) hit 17.1% in September . We had a net loss of 95,000 jobs. We gained 64,000 in the private sector, but lost over 159,000 public-sector jobs. Ouch! We also lost 77,000 temporary census jobs. Big Surprise!
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Jimmy Rogers
Jimmy Rogers laid down the law when he described the current economic environment.

"When you print a lot of money, the people who get the money are better off -- there's no question about it. But the country, the world is worse off," Rogers says. "Sure some of us feel much better, especially people in the financial markets but...the world is not getting better. The world is getting worse."

He warned people to protect their assets with hard precious metals. Read more…
Frankly, the writing is on the wall. Oil rose above 84 bucks, gold hit a record hit of 1330 and the U.S. dollar move below 82 yen.

Vice President 2012
I came across this silly article entitled “The Fast Fix: A better 2012 VP nominee: Biden or Hillary?” Newsflash: no one votes for a Vice Presidential candidate. In 2012, the American people aren’t going to care about Biden or Clinton. They’re going to be more concerned about jobs and standard of life than who’s going to be VP. The top of the ticket is the only thing that matters. If Dan Quayle couldn’t ruin George H.W. Bush’s presidential run, don’t expect Clinton to save Obama. Besides, if Obama loses, it will be his policies that sink him, not Biden. Ditching Biden just looks desperate.


  1. Government spending now is a matter of dictating who the winners will be.
    Our currency is dying.
    Unemployment will continue to rise.
    Oil $125 ... next year but $125 will be a low estimate
    The "Keynesian" economics warps what Keynes actually said should happen. He said the spending should be for infrastructure. Now it is an excuse for spending for anything.