Friday, October 1, 2010

More Guns, Less Crime!

For decades, pro gun control advocates have railed against the second amendment, claiming that an increase in availability of firearms will increase the likelihood that more criminals will get guns and commit crimes. Especially, they have argued that more guns means more crime. But the data now shows conclusively that this notion is wrong.

In 2009, millions of nervous Americans bought more guns than in any recorded year before. Many citizens were worried that the new administration would represent a threat to the availability of certain guns and we witnessed one of the greatest gun scares in U.S. history. Accord to the NICS, the total number of background checks soared to a record 14 million. That's a 10% jump in sales. This is based on the number of firearms that go through a background check. So they are very reliable.

12,709,023 gun sales in 2008.
14,033,824 gun sales in 2009.

1.3 million gun increase in sales. 14 million new guns on the street. And what happened to the crime rate?

According to the FBI's latest crime report, violent crime dramatically declined in the first half of 2009. Violent crime in 2009 had a 5.3 percent drop from the 2008 estimate, 5.2 percent below the 2005 level and 7.5 percent below the 2000 level. Some people claim that these reports can be bias by local law enforcement agencies. And that is true. All of these numbers can be boast or lowered by changes in the types of charges filed. All of these crimes except MURDER. Simply put, it's almost impossible for law enforcement agencies to manipulate the number of bodies on the street. Well, the numbers are clear: the number of murders dropped, significantly.

There was a 7.3 percent decrease in murders in 2009 (compared to the 2008 estimate), a 9.0 percent decrease from the 2005 level and a 2.2 percent drop from the 2000 estimate. By all means, there were less murders. More guns. Less murders.

2009 had a drop in every category compared to 2008.

8.0 percent DROP

Forcible Rape
2.6 percent DROP

Aggravated Assault
4.2 percent DROP

There's two reason why I think we should be able to own guns.

1. To protect ourselves from a tyrannical government.
2. To protect ourselves against criminals.

An unarmed population is not necessary a safer population. People foolishly point out the low crime in Europe as an example of how gun control keeps people safe. But they never mention the fact that Nazi Germany implemented gun control in the 1930s to disarm Jews before they went on a mass murdering campaign that claimed over 6 million people in the Holocaust. They don't talk about Mao's China or Stalin Soviet Union. Hundreds of millions of people were murdered by their own governments in the 20th Century and it is still happening. What do you think Darfur is about?

"Should the U.S. get involved? Should we spend troops? How can we get aid to the people?"

Screw care packages, arm the people and they'll be able to shoot back! Darfur is what happens when a population is unarmed.

I don't care if you believe in owning a gun, but that shouldn't stop me from protecting my family. If you decide that you don't like guns. Fine, that will be your problem when some lowlife breaks into your house and gets his hands on your 15 year old daughter. Just don;t try to get other people killed by restricting law abiding citizens from owning a gun to protect their family from threats.

In conclusion, the numbers are clear. 2009 had more guns and less murders. More guns and less violent crime. To this date, this is a net-zero correlation between gun sales and crime. No gun zones don't keep people safe, they just provide target rich locations for mass murderers. Restricting gun owning of law abiding citizens only provides a safer environment for criminals and governments would want to abuse the citizens.

Preliminary Annual Uniform Crime Report, 2009

More guns equal more crime? Not in 2009, FBI crime report shows.

Total NICS Background Checks

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  1. One word "Utopia" Maybe Michael Jackson's death and an increase in record sales to his estate had something to do with these numbers.