Monday, October 11, 2010

Watch the U.S. Dollar Closely

Keep your eye on the currencies. The U.S. Dollar is continuing to struggle against the yen and the euro. The dollar has dropped to 81.39 yen -- the lowest in over 15 years. This is below the levels where the Japanese government jumped into the foreign exchange market in the 1990s. The USD is also struggling against the euro. The EU currency is now at $1.40. This means that the dollar is getting weaker against other currencies, while it losing value against gold and silver.
Gold is trading around $1350 per ounce. Silver is in the 23 dollar range.

Remember, trends forecaster Gerald Celente has not only predicted the crash of 2010, but he's predicting a currency crisis. I've been saying that I expected a hyperinflation in the latter part of 2010" for over a year. I even made a video at the beginning of this year discussing what I expected to happen this year. So far, most of it has not come to past. Yet!

Listen to Gerald Celente cover the latest developments.

Dollar falls as 'currency war' concerns linger

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