Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Apathy in America

When a fellow Youtube asked me to comment on apathy in America, it forced me to place a very difficult truth about America. The nation has lost its morality. When I first heard Gerald Celente uttered those words, I immediately drew back. I didn't understand what he met until a loved one of mine had a stroke. She laid on the front lawn for two hours. The house is located on a fairly busy street, so I know some people saw her. Her daughter found her lying in the front yard. They didn't have much money, so they didn't call the paramedics and they didn't feel comfortable asking a neighbor for help. The daughter ended up calling her boyfriend from another city to help her get her mother in the house.

When I say this I want you to understand that it is not my intention to hurt anyone's feelings but it must be said. The American people simply don't care, because they don't have, too. We have degenerates in Washington D.C. because they represent the people who voted them in. In a democratic society (a society with elections), the people deserve the leaders they elect. It's not that the majority of Americans cared about the soldiers dying in Iraq, we just didn't want to see it on our television screens every night. It's not millions of young people became politically active and informed in 2008, it's just that they hated Bush and Obama seemed cool.

We are not longer a nation of thinkers. We've definitely not a nation of doers. I think last year's TARP debacle proved that. Not only did Congress ignore the American people's demands to NOT give the bankers billions of dollars, but they managed to convince the American people to put them back in office.

If Americans really gave a damn, they would have ditched the Republican Party and Democratic in 2008. I don't know exactly why Americans don't care, but when the consequences of their apathy translates into a hyper inflationary holocaust, they'll start to care. We'll start to care about the wars when the millions of lives that we've ruined translates into acts of revenge.

I hope America regains her morality. I hope we value our soldiers lives as much as we value our own. I hope start forcing the politicians to adhere to the U.S. constitution. I hope more of us start caring.

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  1. Americans will never care. The human existence is doomed. You will find that out in the Great Tribulation. Good luck trying to survive Gods wrath with your stupid guns and Gold.