Saturday, December 26, 2009

Arrows Trucking Company leaves 1,200 truckers STRANDED

Admittedly, this story sounds too outrageous to be true, but unfortunately, the absurd is apart of an all-too-harsh reality for over 1,200 truckers who worked for Arrow Trucking. Just before Christmas, truckers all over the country received a phone call from Arrow stating that they were to drive their trucks to the nearest dealership, collect a 200 dollar check and go home.

NO notice. No explanation. Merry Christmas, you're fired! Now only many of these truckers have to abandoned their beds, refrigerators, TVs and food, but they had to look for work while their paychecks were bouncing.

This story angers for two reasons.
1) How can a company abandon its employees (I'm sorry, independent contractors) like this?
This company is too big to be able to legally pull a stunt like this.

2) If Arrow can get away with a midnight closing, which other companies are secretly planning the same thing?

Arrow Trucking Strands Drivers During Layoff

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  1. If you want to know what is going on in the trucking industry, email me.
    Also, there is a site on Facebook trying to help get these drivers home

  2. And yet people are still not awakening!

    I think people are still under the delusion that things are getting better. There are some who are aware of the problem we're facing, but honestly, I do not see any real awareness or concern amongst most.

    A friend of mine said that most are trying to just keep up the status quo and continuing to live beyond their means. There is this real atmosphere in America that one cannot let on as to how bad things really are. It's not kosher to bespeak of one's economic state or else it's like losing some sort of status. It's crazy.