Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Copenhagen: What's Really Going on?

As world leaders prepare to meet in Copenhagen this week to discuss climate change, I wonder how many Americans actually care? Maybe it's just me, but after the release of thousands of damning e-mails from the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit exposing many climate scientists to me totally and utter frauds, I'm having a very difficult time understanding why world leaders are gathering to limit carbon emissions, when the world economy is on the verge of total collapse. Maybe now isn't the time to assault world industrial with dracian taxes and controls?

It seems to me that this Copenhagen meeting is worse thing that could possibly happen to the world economy.

Maybe that's what they were aiming for to began with. Some people are worried that this will be the formation of a totalitarian world government, others see Copenhagen as means of intentionally destroying the economy and most don't seem to care. The way I see it, climate change has nothing to do with saving the environment and everything to do with making money. After all, if these people were really concerned about the environment, they probably wouldn't be flying into Copenhagen on private jets. Does usage of 1,200 limos and 140 private jets seem environmentally-friendly to you?

QUESTION: What do you think is going to happen at Copenhagen and how will it affect America?

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