Sunday, December 13, 2009

Please Protect Your Family! My Recommendation: Mossberg 500!

What you're about to read is more than an opinion. This is a declaration. Due to the serious condition of the U.S. economy, I believe the time has come for all families to taken precautions. The economic recovery is nothing more than a lie created by the government and Wall Street economists to prop up a consumer-debt economy that is deader than a squirrel on the side of I-75. This economy can no longer produce real jobs. The type of jobs that pay a decent salaries. And I'm not talking about 8.50/hour flipping burgers or pushing carts. I'm talking about blue collar industrial jobs that provide livable wages and benefits.

These jobs aren't coming back. This economy is going into the next leg of the depression and it's time that people faced the music. The holiday retail is not going to save us. You can't lose millions of jobs, have a horrible holiday season (2008), lose more jobs (in 2009) and have a recovery season. It makes no sense.

My declaration is that you need to arm yourself. You need to protect your family. That means storing at least three months of food for everyone in the household, store at least two weeks of water (one gallon per person), buying a gun and plenty of ammo.

Before you buy a gun, research the laws in your area. After that, buy a gun that suits your needs. If you need a gun for home defense, a 12 gauge shotgun is my recommendation. I own a Mossberg 500. After you buy the weapon, learn how to use it.

If the economy collapses, people will panic, crime will soar and looter will be on the move. I'm not saying that it's going to be doomsday, but you need to prepare for a long winter.

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  1. I wonder if the Cliff High broadcast will air 7:15 Eastern time.

  2. Run for President in 2012, on the Republican ticket, please?

    Posting latest to my blog and linking to the Blog.

  3. If you think that I would ever support this Republican party then you clearly don't watch my videos. The GOP is a big government, anti-civil liberties political party.