Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Woman should NEVER try to CHANGE a man!

Every once in awhile, I could across an article that really hits a nerve. I read in Page 6 that former porn star, Tera Patrick, is divorcing her husband because he refused to quit porn. Last summer, she offered her husband, Evan Seinfeld, an ultimatum. Quit porn or else.

Evan chose the latter and now the couple is going through a divorce. Is it just me or is Tera Patrick repeating one of the classic female mistakes of thinking that she can change a man. I know it's no of my business, but I don't care. She knew he loved porn before they married, so why did she expect him to give up something he loved. I've said this many times and I feel that it's worth repeating: A woman should never try to change a man.

Either accept him for who he is or move on.

Viewers, chine in!


  1. Well, regardless of what the outcome is, it's obvious this woman is very beautiful and she won't have trouble find another guy.

  2. Meant to say "finding" another man.

  3. right! she'll find another man on the rebound! but I could not agree more about one person trying to change their significant other! My wife has been trying to change me for years! People will change when they want to...not because of what other people think or want! the guy dose porn for a living for crying out loud!

  4. "My wife has been trying to change me for years! "
    That's one of the many reasons why I think guys should never get married. Women like to pull the ole bait and switch. And they think that they can change us.

    I think a woman should ask herself "Is this guy acceptable the way he is?"

    If the answer isn't, "Absolutely", she needs to find a new man.

  5. LOL not exactly a good example Reggie since she was married and doing porn too at one point. I don't understand why she got married as a porn star anyways? What a bunch of kooks.