Monday, December 14, 2009

Black Men who Date White Women!

Just because I prefer white women that doesn't mean that I hate black women or myself. The way I see it, dating is only a matter of preference. If you ask me what I want for dinner and I say "Chinese," that doesn't mean that I hate Italian food. It's a matter or preference. I don't coffee, but I love tea. I love Audrey Hepburn, but care much for Katherine Hepburn. Does that mean I hate Katherine, of course not. I simply prefer Audrey. Just as I prefer white women.

I can't give you a specific reason. I don't have any complaints about black women or any other group for that matter. I simply find myself drawn to white women, particularly red heads. Just as some men are drawn to Latinas or other men. My affection for certain types of white women is fueled by attraction, not hate. In fact, I am attracted to some Black women, Latin women and Asian women.

So if you hear me talk about beautiful white women, just remember my affection for sweet and sour chicken with fired rice.

What do you think?

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