Thursday, December 24, 2009

Goldman Sucks.....I mean Goldman Sachs!

Here's a story that will warm your heart. Goldman Sachs has managed to build a new headquarters in lower Manhattan. This skyscraper will include 2.1 billion square feet of space for its 9,000 employees. And the best part is that New York city's taxpayers made it possible. New York city not only let $1.6 billion in Liberty Bonds tax free, but it gave them $49 million in job-grant funds, $66 million in additional benefits, special tax exemptions and energy discounts. Isn't it wonderful to see a firm that used its political connections to gain bailout to sink its competitiors develop into New York royalty. Now the NYC is kissing Goldman Sach's ass and providing them with free money.

Oh well.....

Happy Holidays!

Taxpayers to help with the rent at Goldman’s new office tower

Welfare for the Rich: Taxpayers Help Goldman Sachs Build New Headquarters

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