Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Stimulus Package: Part 2, or it Part 3?

The Democrats aren't calling it a stimulus package, but it sounds a lot like one. The House reluctantly passed the $155 billion jobs bill by a vote of 217 to 212. The bill is susposedly designed to created "shovel-ready" construction jobs and provide funding for the public employees in state and local governments.

So it is obviously meant to stimulus the economy, which raises a very important question: If the first stimulus package was such a huge success, why do we need a second one? If the White House advisers are correct about the economy recovering, why do we need another stimulus package. By creating a second stimulus, one concedes that the first one did not work.

Let me make myself clear, if the President wants to help America, he needs to focus on alleviating the pain. That also means limiting the amount of pain that the government creates. We can not afford the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We can not afford 700+ military bases across the world. We do not have enough wealth to fund Harry Reid's health care bill. We definitely can not afford to bail out more zombie banks.

Obama needs to let the so-called too-big-to-fail companies die, end the wars, shut down 90% of our foreign bases, cut useless government agencies, drastically reduce the budget and focus on security. Which leads me to the part of the jobs bill that I support. We need to make sure that local police and fire departments are able to receive funding and provide basic security. As the economy crumbles, we'll need the police to arrest the violent thugs and the fire fighters to put out the fires.

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