Monday, December 21, 2009

My Predictions for 2010 (Dollar Crash, Bank Holiday, Massive Unemployment)

Last Year, I was right about unemployment rising significantly and the dollar index dropping, but I was wrong about the stock market crashing. I thought we would see a crash in the Fall, but it never happened. Actually, it did if you price the market in Gold. I thought the dollar index would drop much more than it did. Oddly enough, I thought unemployment would rise, but I underestimated the quickly of the rise. So with that said, I will admit that I am no Nostradamus. Nevertheless, after following current events and economic trends for almost one year, I feel that I am more competent to make predictions this year than I was last December.

So here go!

There maybe a bank holiday.
Chinese will slowly sell U.S. treasuries.
The dollar will decline (forcing the Fed to formally devalue the dollar.)
I really hope I'm wrong.

Foreign made food prices will rise dramatically.
The devaluation of the dollar will make food prices soar.

Oil will probably break the 5 dollar mark before the supply becomes scare.
Trucking will become too expensive (driving food prices even higher)

The high oil prices will make commuting to the suburbs unmanageable and therefore people will abandon their overpriced homes.
Home prices will drop another 20-30% nationwide. Some areas will be worse than others.

Dips to 9.6%, but rises to 13.1%
Last year, I underestimated it. Let's hope this year, I'm overestimating it.

Rioting and looting at supermarkets.
Citizens clashing with law enforcement in urban AND suburban areas about jobs and taxes.
Massive protests at universities over tuition, food and the wars.

The number of American soldiers killed in Afghanistan will exceed twice the amount in 2008.
More troops = More targets. (Plus the numbers are rising anyway.) Our soldiers deserve better than what we are giving them.

In Ice Dance, Meryl Davis and Charlie White will win the gold. GO USA!

No, Vancouver will not be attacked, but I think the US will. When governments run out of tricks to boast their economy, they usually turn to war. And what better way to rally the people.
Unfortunately, I think Gerald Celente is right.

Gold will probably hit 1,700. Silver will hit at least 40.

Americans like to vote for people who don't care about them. It's the same mentally that drives women to spread their legs for guys who treat them like crap. We'll see less than 10 third party candidates in the House in 2011. Sorry. I hope I'm wrong.

I think he will be politically irreverent by November 2010. Let's hope the American people turn on both the Democrats and Republicans and vote for other parties.

Farmer's markets will return with a bang.

I don't know if it will be a wormhole or teleportation or what? But I think we will see a breakthrough that will replace airplanes, but it will take a decade for the infrastructure to be built.

I agree with Cliff High. I think it would be foolish to believed that we stopped serious space exploration after the moon missions. I think a whistle blower will reveal something big about the secret space program. (Okay, maybe I'm drifting into fantasy land.)

Yes, even a broken clock is right twice a day. The black Republicans finally make it into the U.S. House. (Secret Space Programs? Black Republicans? Okay, I know this list is getting weird. How about a Black Libertarian? Please?)

BOTTOM LINE: We will see the next leg of the economic collapse. (Probably in the Spring, but let's hope I'm wrong. Boy, would that be great!)

Let me just say that this is NOT the end of the world. This will not be doomsday or the apocalypse. We will survive this. If people stand by their neighbors and support one another, they will survive this transition. What's happening in America is a transition from an consumer-debt hallow economy into something more sustainability. In 2010, we will witness the end of a corrupt system and the birth of something better.


  1. Unemployment is not going to jump 3 percent when it barely did that last year when we were losing jobs, unlike now where were crawled to a snails pace and are on the verge of adding jobs soon.

    Civil unrest? Dont make me laugh. The economy was hit harder in other countries and you don't see anyone rioting.

    And there will never be a rebirth of a new system. Only a gradual decline until the Antichrist appears and you Atheist will be worshipping him.

  2. I've noticed that the more "religious" people are also the ones making the most racist comments on YouTube. So being religious doesn't necessarily make someone a better person.

    Some people are spiritual, not religious. I consider myself spiritually connected, but I am not religious, as in, I don't follow any organised religion. That doesn't mean that we don't believe in anything.

  3. Sad to say, but I believe that things are going to get much worse. I would even venture to state we are currently at a 50% chance that there will be declared Martial Law and no elections in November. Official unemployment will be at least 15-18% by the end of the year. The biggest challenge for the common person is dealing with the sustained hyperinflation & possible lack of utilities, that is assuming the feds don't start the slaughter & arrest of millions of dissidents.

  4. Hmmm your a well thought man. I would like to ask you if you are looking at China at all during your awakening? China is the 800 lb. gorilla. China and Russia and now buddy buddy and seem to be stepping up their military presence. I advise everyone to read the 2004 White Paper for China's Military build up. Things may be a little more disturbed than you are saying. I know, but sometimes reality is the hardest thing to swallow. With that said, it is also the best way to plan your future. Look into the eyes of the beast and you will know its intentions.