Tuesday, December 8, 2009

PROPAGANDA ALERT: The Opening Film for Copenhagen

If you can sit through this reprehensible video, you are surely more tolerant than I am.

Boy, do I yearn for the good old days of soviet propaganda.

QUESTION: So what do you think of this video?


  1. Well, let's see, CO2 is what makes the PLANTS grow. Stop drilling for oil and natural gas. Stop raping our forests. Stop striping coal from the land. Stop herding folks into major population hubs for mass control and extortion of money.

  2. I think that 100 years from now this planet will be a lush beautiful place covered in foilage and plants largely thanks to us digging up and putting lots of carbon back into the surface cycles.

    I also think by that time the population of mankind on the planet will be several hundred million and they will hate us and avoid anything that had to do with us, the sinful ones that god destroyed.

  3. That film was absolutely absurd and the sad reality is many people will buy into the propaganda. All I really can say is WTF is it 1984. People really don't care and aren't able to think for themselves.


  4. I think it's fascinating that so many people are ignoring Climategate. Those scientists were clearly exposed as fraudulent.

  5. On a positive note the Wall Street Journal had a poll and 90% believed that global warming is NOT being caused by man. Some 4400 people were polled in this sample but unfortuneatly the vast majority of people will go with Jim Jones and drink the poisoned Kool Aid.