Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ben Bernanke Returns!

He's IN!

Federal Reserve chairman and world class screw up, Ben Bernanke, has been confirmed to serve a second term by a Senate vote of 70 to 30. Bernanke, who failed to see the current economic downturn coming, will get a chance to continue his dollar wrecking monetary policy at the Federal Reserve for an additional four years. So far, both Bush and Obama have selected this fool.

Bye Bye Dollar!

Oh well, I wonder how the American people will response.

Here's a clue.


  1. Ben Bernanke is slick. People think he's dumb, he's just slick and also getting away with murder.

    Oh no, the Popeye's video, lol.

  2. Ben bernanke is just a figurehead. Changing him wouldn't change all the voting members nor would it change the fact that we have a federal reserve or one that is inaudited to begin with. It might make us feel good to get rid of Ben Bernanke, but we should just get rid of the whole system. Its pretty sad that the senators can't even vote this goon out let alone get an audit or abolishment of the fed.

    Reggie you are right, I have no faith in the system. Time to hunker down.

  3. I agree. It's also a distraction. Even if Bernanke and Geithner ended up in jail or something, they'd put another person in their place to keep the game going. It's all fixed and set-up.