Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Black People: Wake UP! Obama hasn't Changed anything!

Last night, I had a huge debate with my family over Obama's first year as President. At first, my mother and sister gave me the standard excuse that almost all black people give: Obama is doing his best. But when I challenged that by asking them if they believed that Bush was doing his best, they give me a resounding "no." It was at that point that I had to point out that Obama's foreign policy was almost identical to George W. Bush's policy.

My sister didn't have a good response, all she could do is provide a smirk and an empty assertion that Obama was different. The whole thing started when my mom tried to tell me that she was proud of me by quoting something that Obama said. Id din't even care that she was trying to say something nice. The fact that she still admires this incompetent man after one year of failures hit a nerve and unleashed my frustration. I told them every fact about Obama that I could muster and destroyed every weak argument that was thrown at me.

I told them about the escalation in Afghanistan, continued the war in Iraq, lied about withdrawn from Iraq, continued rendition, continued secret prisons, protected Bush torturers, continued bailing out Wall Street, lied about transparency, lied about the amount of jobs created by the stimulus package, helped create a 1.4 trillion dollar deficit and is currently creating an even better deficit.

And even after I presented the fact, my sister seemed unconvinced, unconcerned and unaware. My mother and sister are good people. We get along fabulously (yes, I used that word), we even watch "24" after the discussion, but I fear that many black people (and white liberals) have an irrational sense of loyalty to a man who has not earned. I'm tried of black people defending this guy. He's black. SO what?!

What has this guy actually done?

He hasn't changed anything that really matters. If I had to listen to black people praise this clown, they're going to have to listen to me point out the fact he hasn't changed a DAMN THING!

I'm not mad at black people and I know that some of us see him for who he is. I just want my people to WAKE THE F&%# UP!

Escalation of Afghan War (Check)
Continuation of Iraq War (Check)
Continuing Rendition (Check)
Secret Prisons (Check)
Protecting Bush Torturers (Check)
Bailouts for Insolvent Companies (Check)
Bailouts for Wall Street (Check)
Triple deficit (Check)
Lies about Transparency (Check)
Lies about Jobs created by the Stimulus Package (Check)

Anyway, watch black celebrities comment on Obama's first year. I can barely watch it.


  1. We have very close friends where the husband is from the Carribean and the wife is African American. They, like many, felt hope that Obama would be different and pride that they finally saw something they thought they would never see in their life, a black President. Their pride in him was evident and understandable. The first black president, wow, I'm sure they naturally thought. However, this blind pride, has gotten in the way of reality and many are still strongly hypnotized by the myth rather than the reality of the policies and their implications. It seems obvious that the wizards behind the curtains new what they were doing by insuring this man's rise to power. There is some part of me that says, Since they engineered this crisis to insure world Government they new the US would fall that's why they let the black man be the one holding the bag, taking the blame instead of the First White female President. I wouldn't put it past them. It is very clear to me that our country has been hijacked by corporate interest and old money thugs who are intent in dominating the world masses through careful manipulation of the game. It's just a shame that most people don't even see it coming.

  2. Reginald,

    Many people think I'm racist for not supporting BHO, but I would have no problem voting for a black man with your politics. (I wouldn't have voted for Hillary either, does that make me sexist and racist against whites also?) Speaking of which, what do you think of Alan West?


  3. LOL, I voted for Obama. I feel like an idiot now, that's for sure! Hopefully, things will really change little by little. Scott Brown is just the beginning, at least I hope so. At this point, anything has to be better.