Thursday, January 14, 2010

Federal Deficit Nightmare Worsens!

The deficit for this fiscal year is not only compatible to that of last year, but it is substantially worse. In the first three months of this year (October, November and December), the U.S. government's deficits have already surpassed 388 billion dollars. Last year, the government produced a deficit of 332 billion dollars during the same time period. Basically, the out-of-control government spending is getting even crazier. In 2009, the deficit hit an all-time December high of 91.85 billion dollars. The problem is that the government will not be able to produce deficits like these for much longer without risking some dire consequences.

After all, would you invest in the dollar if you knew that government could never pay you back?

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  1. Ugly, the situation will be plain flat ugly. The computer ate my first comment, but to sum it up. Get as much essential supplies, water & food as possible. I know that they are extremely expensive & money is tight, but you may want to consider a desalination water filter Or set up a system to distill water. Once the economy collapses, FEMA will take over the distribution and control of all food & essentials & redirect them to the population centers. The rural community stores will not be resupplied & FEMA will urge everyone to relocate to the death traps (aka cities).
    Take care & Be Safe.