Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TSA Airport Security Ignores Obama

After the would-be terrorist attack of the underwear bomber, Obama stepped up and demanded that airports increase security. Predicatively, many airports have ignored the commander and chief. Simply put, there is no way that TSA can effectively increase security in a less than a week. I've said it once and I'll say it again, the best defense against airline terrorism is to 1) Reduce people's incentives to kill us and 2) Use common sense. A 67 year old white lady from Tennessee is not likely to be an al-Qaeda operative. Instead of relying on scanners and wasting time making people undress, TSA employees should study the behavior and appearance of the passengers. They should examine body language, use more dogs and rely on intelligent police work.

Computers will be save us. Using our heads will.



  1. Of course, Demcad, you are dead wrong. "67 year old white lady from Tennessee" could very well be a "bomber."

    I remember when this happened...you would not because you were 4 y.o.


    Maybe you will be amend this blogpost based on the suggested reading.

  2. LOL. How many times has a middle aged white woman set off a bomb in the United States? How many elderly white women have killed themselves as a suicide bomber in United States?


  3. You didn't read the article, did you?

  4. I don't think the body scanning nonsense will work out well. People are going to stop flying or protesting. I thought it was just for incoming flighs to the USA though?

    Btw, my husband's boss' wife was recently harassed by airline people. They are pretty well-off people but had to move to Arizona from California because he couldn't find work here in California in pharmaceuticals. She was basically harassed and made to feel like a criminal. Said she's never flying again.

  5. @Demcad By now you have probably seen the exchange between Helen Thomas and Brennan. "Why do they want to kill us?" Brennan - Religion. The reality is they cannot admit Ron Paul is correct they hate us because we are messing in their country. I heard one report that the Detroit Bomber admitted that his reason was that we bombed and killed x number of militants in Yeman. The reality is it boils down to GREED & Control. Our government (both parties) wants to be dictator of the world. In reality, it is just being used as an instrument of those behind the curtain that are setting up the New World Order.

    @mondlicht- That is what they want. In a couple of years flying will be privilage for the elite class & their servants only. Without xyz card you wont even be allowed near a terminal. Unless any reader has got connections don't go to school to be an airline pilot, Dead end career.