Monday, January 18, 2010

Can Coakley's GOTV win?

A new Daily Kos/R2000 poll has Martha Coakley and Scott Brown at a dead heat. The U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts has been unexpectedly close given the state's liberal electorate. This would be good news for Coakley, but if the poll came from an organization will more credibility. Daliy Kos is known for its far left politics and Research 2000 is not exactly the most reliable poll. So if the best that Coakley can do is tie in this poll, she maybe in big trouble. Especially considering the fact that the same poll had her with a 8 point lead last week.

As of today, the Coakley campaign is boasting that their get-out-to-vote campaign will deliver Martha a narrow victory. Will Coakley proven GOTV operation help her beat an inexperienced Brown campaign.


  1. I think this "dead heat" poll is a strategy to get more Democrats out to vote. If they think it's close they may vote for her even if they're unhappy with the party right now.

    Truth is, there is absolutely no reason Brown should have any chance of winning. MA is a solid blue state. This just proves the Dems have done far too much wrong, even by Liberal standards.

    We can only hope this'll mean some changes in Congress in 2010.

  2. I seen all the recent polls and they are now all showing brown winning and every poll is showing a big reversal compared to a week or 2 ago. I think hes got it now if everyone shows up to the polls as planned.