Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can Obama Save Martha Coakley?

Although, I believe that there's really no significant difference between Republicans and Democrats, I still enjoy watching these clowns jockeying for the electoral gold. Hey, some people watch football for entertainment and people like me watch elections. Instead of Sunday Night Football, it'll be Tuesday Night Elections. When do the playoffs start?

Anyway, Scott Brown has surged ahead of the ice queen in several recent polls. Unfortunately, I don't recognize any of these firms, so I consider them to be a bit suspicious to say the least. Public Policy is probably the best known of the three and they have Brown leading Coakley 51 to 46. It's very dire news, considering the fact that Brown has been cracking the 50 percent threshold.

PJM/CrossTarget (R) has Brown leading by a ridiculous 15 points. There's no chance that a Republican can win by 15 in uber-blue Massachusetts. InsideMedford/MRG is also show a double digit lead for Romney Jr....I mean Scott Brown.

See, I think Brown will win for two reasons.

1. Coakley was a bad candidate.
She's unappealing in the way she talks and how she presents herself. She is not only inarticulate, but she seems like she has a cold and wooden personality.

2. Coakley ran a bad campaign.
I guess she assumed that she would win. Never a good idea.

3. Obama's Health care bill is unpopular.
Simply put, this bill is becoming a liability for many blue dog Democrats.

4. Scott Brown is running a good campaign.
He is charming, warm, personable and knows how to deliver a simple, popular economic message. I'm not saying that he's my ideal candidate, but his campaign's themes and message are giving the independents a reason to vote for him.

On Sunday, Obama visited Massachusetts to give Coakley a boast at a rally, but I don't think it'll work. Obama, despite his incompetence, is very likable and charming and I think this will only make Coakley look worse by highlighting her flaws as a candidate.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

Brown 52%
Coakley 47%
Kennedy 1%

What do you think? Can Obama Save Martha Coakley?


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  2. OK Now I think you are right because Im now hearing that some of the insiders are expecting croakley to lose. Even intrade has her showing as a loss. I think she will lose. Ill be laughing my ass of if she loses ted kennedys seat.

  3. Yeah, I know. How can you screw something like this up? She's a democrat in Mass. If you can't win there, you can't win anywhere.