Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Zogby Thinks Coakley is Going to Win.

Despite a big swing in favor of Scott Brown, Pollster John Zogby is convinced that Coakley is going to win. Wow, he's a brave man. Either he is smarter than most pollsters or he is setting himself up for a big embarrassment. I told you guys that I was suspicious of these no-name polls. What the hell is InsideMedford/MRG? Are they reliable?

And frankly, I stopped taking Public Policy Polling seriously when they predicted a 17 point win for Republican Hoffman in the New York 23 race. These are the polls according to Real Clear Politics.com

Politico/InAdv Brown +9
PJM/CrossTarget (R) Brown +10
PPP (D) Brown +5
ARG Brown +7
Daily Kos/R2000 Tie
InsideMedford/MRG Brown +10
PJM/CrossTarget (R) Brown +15
ARG Brown +3
Blue Mass Group/R2000 Coakley +8
Suffolk/7News Brown +4
Rasmussen Reports Coakley +2

So the question is... are the polls right?


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