Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Murders Dropping in LA

Murders in LA are at an astonishing low level. Murders in U.S. cities are at a 50 year low. What is going on? Are the gangsters of the 80s and 90s growing up and realizing that they don't want to see their grandkids dying or am I missing something? Apparently, ex-gang members are working with police to dispel rumors and lower tensions between the gangs.



  1. Violent crime is also lower in my county in california. Face it reggie you were wrong about increased violence. There used to be murders at least once or twice a year in my small town. There hasn't been one in 2 years I think.

  2. "Face it reggie you were wrong about increased violence."

    I've said many times that I'm wrong about an increase in crime. And I'm asking, why has crime increased?

  3. Actually, crime has not decreased. What is happening is not as many crimes are being reported.

    I recall Dr. Benjamin Wolman's quote on this subject.