Monday, January 18, 2010

New Poll: Is this race over?

A new Politico/InAdv has Scott Brown up by 9%. Either these polls are very, very wrong or something big is brewing in Massachusetts. Democrat Martha Coakley seems to be doing worse by the day. If she loses this race, Obama's health care bill will be in serious trouble.

The latest polls have Brown up by a sizable margin, but I'm not calling this race until I see a Rasmussen poll. Just saying.

According to the Inside Advantage poll, Republican Scott Brown is garnering over 75% of the Latino vote, 61% of 18-29 years and even getting 26% of black voters. 25% of black voters? Yeah right. Blacks vote for Democrats, no matter what. It's highly unlikely that blacks will change their voting patterns anytime soon. This poll showed that 25% of the blacks claimed to be Republican?

Come on!

Look, maybe I'm wrong, maybe something is changing. After all, I was wrong about the 2008 presidential election.

Is this race over?


  1. Pelosi just said today (monday) that she would have the bill ready no matter what happens. Me thinks she is going to strong arm the house on voting the current senate bill so it will be law no matter what happens with this election.

  2. Yeah, she will try, but if Coakley loses, there's going to be a lot of nervous Democrats. If you were a sheep and you saw a saw enter a shed and a man walk out with its corpse, would you still want to rush in?

    Democrats are going to panic!